Amazing prophetic riddle recently!

Amazing story! Recently, I woke up and heard the song, Do you got a fast car” by Tracy Chapman. I knew that it was a word of the Lord for someone at church in Aiken South Carolina named Tracey. This song was an 80s hit about her being raised by an alcoholic father. There was a man named Tracey there and I prophesied that he had been raised in an home with an alcoholic. He began weeping and God told him that he was healing that place in his heart and that God was going to give him an acceleration in ministry like a fast car and a ministry that would help many broken people be healed from afflictions from their past. He is the youth minister. Not only that but he ministers to the broken and the whole church knew that is his heart! God knows how to take one word and open up a whole church’s heart. To top it off, God completely opened his ears up from partial hearing loss to 100 percent hearing. This was a sweet confirmation as I was teaching a message on the pure Prophetic and how God speaks through riddles and enigmas! I love the pure prophetic flow and compassion of Christ! He that has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!