Amazing prophetic riddle recently!

Amazing story! Recently, I woke up and heard the song, Do you got a fast car” by Tracy Chapman. I knew that it was a word of the Lord for someone at church in Aiken South Carolina named Tracey. This song was an 80s hit about her being raised by an alcoholic father. There was a man named Tracey there and I prophesied that he had been raised in an home with an alcoholic. He began weeping and God told him that he was healing that place in his heart and that God was going to give him an acceleration in ministry like a fast car and a ministry that would help many broken people be healed from afflictions from their past. He is the youth minister. Not only that but he ministers to the broken and the whole church knew that is his heart! God knows how to take one word and open up a whole church’s heart. To top it off, God completely opened his ears up from partial hearing loss to 100 percent hearing. This was a sweet confirmation as I was teaching a message on the pure Prophetic and how God speaks through riddles and enigmas! I love the pure prophetic flow and compassion of Christ! He that has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!

Prophetic Prayer Alert for Charleston South Carolina

The coming Hurricane Season of 2017 is something we need to be praying for. I have been having dreams that it will be rough and we need to desperately pray against what could be a very bad season and help shift history for the better. I feel burdened to pray for Florida, South Carolina, many of the Gulf States and more. I have had two dreams that have been laying heavy on my spirit for a city that I love dearly and have lived in when I was young. In the dreams, I saw floods of water brining havoc to infrastructure and the shores in the city of Charleston, South Carolina and along the coast of SC. I knew it was a hurricane and I was surveying the people after the aftermath making sure they were ok. Dear friends and intercessors, I want to ask you to pray into this with me and let’s decree together that God will protect the city of Charleston during this hurricane season and the ones to come. May winds of revival blow upon this city in need of cultural restitution instead of winds of destruction. We cover the people of South Carolina in the blood of Jesus and declare to you South Carolina that no weapon formed against you will prosper! Charleston you will be a city upon a hill for all to see. Lord we declare that a supernatural move of the Spirit of God and cultural renaissance is coming to the churches of Charleston that will bring people from all over the world to see what the Spirit of God is doing and that His hand is upon you for such a time as this! I declare Charleston South Carolina is a forerunner city just as revival had already been hitting it in 1857 prior to the the Great Awakening! Friends, let’s pray for Charleston and the protection of South Carolina from anything the enemy wants to do. You will be a city where a remnant will steward the Glory of God and help influence the salvation of America. Amen!

Munday Martin

Our Summer Power Evangelism Extravaganza and Mission from the Lord

Dear partners, face book, and social media friends,

I wanted to write and present an exciting opportunity we currently have, one that has the potential to cast a huge net into the ripe harvest fields of our nation for souls!

To help read this message in entirety if you are on a smart device, simply flip sideways.

This Summer, I will be taking my family on the road to ten sates for a power evangelism extravaganza! In this effort, we will intentionally be developing programs that will help take saints in churches we are visiting all over America outside the four walls of the church.

Our intention is to help jumpstart church communities and regions into lifestyles of power and creative evangelism and a radical call to disciple.

This is a commemorative effort to honor the word of the Lord God gave us about a massive awakening coming this Summer as we approach the 50 year anniversary of the Jesus Movement and the celebration of the 6 day war which happened simultaneously causing Jews to seek and pray to God more as they regained possession of the Western Wall.

We believe both of these events caused a massive shift as many turned their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. Here we are 50 years later and God is about to do something even more revolutionary than 50 years ago in a new time and a new generation.

This is a big step of faith, but with your help, we can take my family on the road and see a massive movement shifting the church into radical obedience for the call to win souls.

Much of the proceeds that we raise from this effort will be directly donated to a ministry in Jerusalem that we regularly partner with the helps the poor in Israel, as well as to an AIDS clinic that we partner with in Mozambique Africa that is helping many poor souls receive food and medical relief that have contracted the virus, but are also getting miraculously healed by God’s power.

We are currently raising $7,500 and we would be so honored to have you be a part. Simply email me personally at if you are interested in helping, or just go to the donation page on this site where you can give one time, and good news, you can also choose a monthly partner button option if you would like to take a step further into becoming a regular part of what we are doing.

We are believing the Lord for an increase in monthly partners this year.

You can also give tax deductible gifts to the following address:

Contagious Love International
PO Box 1868
Antioch, TN 37011

God richly bless you and thank you so much for your consideration, prayers, and kindness in helping us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Munday and Jennifer Martin

Prophetic Alert! This Summer a massive awakening is stirring as we near the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Movement and the 6 day war!

Something even greater than the former Jesus movement is upon us right now! There is a fresh stirring of hunger for love in America. People in the church are feeling it. People outside the four walls of the church are feeling the drawing. Harvesting angels at this hour are being sent out on assignments. People are hungering for acceptance, forgiveness, the supernatural, and struggling with their identities. Jesus is about to quench a desperate parched thirst that nothing this world is currently offering, can afford and that no community can give outside of the Holy Spirit.

God has always had a heart for cities and nations even when darkness was upon them, such as Nineveh. This generation reminds us of the days of the hippies and bohemians, where many youth, though entrenched in darkness of new age and drugs, were hungry for truth, experience, and love. Sadly, much of the church in that time could not offer it in fullness until, until the precious Holy Spirit showed up, the only one that can draw people to Jesus. What is the precursor for a nation to be awakened to God? Common logic reveals that every revival in history was preceded with great darkness or deception in a nation. But a lovesick remnant would arise and said WE WANT YOU HOLY SPIRIT!

Saints, we are in the midst of the 50th anniversary coming up of the Six-Day War June 5-10, 1967 in Israel and at the same time the Jesus Movement, which also began in 1967 was being unleashed. We believe this is a significant prophetic time of jubilee as the number fifty represents exactly that.

The Six-Day War victory for Israel ignited passion across the land of Israel for all Jews. The right to the Western Wall, the most holy site, was returned to them and as a result, a new desire to seek God in prayer was birthed. During this time, a Messianic Movement was beginning! Thousands of Jews would receive Jesus as their Savior! Numbers of Jews were receiving their Jewish Messiah, Jesus, the likes never before seen in history! It’s no coincidence that at the same time in history another movement was beginning.

The Jesus Movement of America was in full bloom in the summer of 1967 in the hearts of a young community. Many of them dropped out of Christian colleges and left the culture they had been so involved in to give their lives to Jesus wholeheartedly. They would preach the simple gospel on the streets and see the sick healed. Miracles followed them as they urged others to come to Jesus. This was a counterculture to the summer of love in 1967, when young people dropped out of school and came out of societies expectations to live a life free and high on drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The Jesus Movement demonstrated a simple message of love and power that focused on the gospels and epistles and spread throughout America like a contagion. What caused such a stir for thousands to leave their cultural lifestyle of drugs to follow Jesus? I believe they were hungry for the true Jesus, not a religion without relationship. When they heard the message and saw it’s power their spirit had been longing for all along. Could this 50-year anniversary of the Jesus Movement’s birth be a catalyst to the next great awakening? Yes!

We are literally in the 50th year since 3 major events in the Judeo and Christian world alike. The Jesus movement broke out in 1967, the Six-Day War in Israel, and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal broke out. Is your appetite wet yet?

50 is the number of Jubilee. It points to deliverance and rest following the result of the perfect consummation of time.

This youth revival that birthed in 1967 exploded on the streets and it swept across the country, lighting up ravenous desire for Jesus in college campuses and coffee houses. People were being saved everywhere! It was radical for its day! Can we not believe something greater in our day, especially when we see the passion in this generation? You look at the passion currently in those that don’t know Jesus in the news and in the media. You can smell revolution is in the air on social media, and cannot God get a hold of a passionate people made in His image and transfer their misplaced passions into the light, redeeming a generation?

Haggai 2:9 says, “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.”

That was the glory of the former house, but we’re going to see a greater glory on this latter house of America. The Lord specifically spoke to Munday and said,” What is about to spark this summer in America will so captivate a young generation that it will bring a massive awakening to the Jews in America and Israel which will spark a massive shift of souls to Jesus in the earth.” The 6-day war victory for Israel and the Jesus movement were for certain interconnected. What happens in Jerusalem seems to always manifest something significant in the earth at the exact same time. We believe something extraordinary is about to happen in Jerusalem this year. Isaiah 62:7 states, “Give him no rest until he establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in all the earth.” When Jerusalem is a praise, the world responds!

In 1967 it did! The Catholic charismatic renewal got its start, one of the largest movements in Neo-Pentecostal history!

A group of professors at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh sparked a fire among their students after they themselves were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and it literally broke out into gatherings of prayer with healings and miracles everywhere!

This propelled the Jesus movement. TIME Magazine, in June 22nd 1971, called it, “The Jesus Revolution” with a rather psychedelic picture of Jesus on the front cover. In fact many people were leaving behind their psychedelic drugs and going into trances and open visions, completely transformed by the supernatural power of God!

At this time God raised up Lonnie Frisbee who was an extreme miracle worker! He was the hippie evangelist of the Jesus people movement in America. He was like the hidden prophet but could almost be credited for igniting three major moves of God! He was a major catalyst for the Calvary Chapel movement and the vineyard movement. He baptized people in the oceans of California and was often interviewed in magazines. When he preached, miracles followed, people were healed, and often would fall to the floor shaking, prophesying, speaking in tongues and seeing visions. Sure, Lonnie made some big mistakes, but we are learning to be full of power and holiness in this hour. I believe this nation has been tested and has been prepared for such a time as this.

We need this kind of power today outside the four walls of church and even outside the walls of Christian media. People are plainly getting tired of dry theology. They want the church to stop being famous for what we don’t do, but what we are doing. They want to see Jesus but it is going to have to be a people who best represent his nature, power, and love by being consumed by the Holy Spirit.

We have plenty of churches that do not want to preach about the supernatural Holy Spirit anymore, or miracles or signs or wonders. They’re too afraid to preach against anything that will offend rational thought and intellect, but that is about to shift dramatically. Jesus, in his earthly ministry, would manifest in the supernatural followed by teaching that would offend the mind so that He could reveal what was in the heart.

If we can change the heart, we can see people converted on a mass scale! I’m talking even people in government, Hollywood, the business and financial communities! COME ON SOMEBODY!

On Father’s Day in 1994 just after Lonnie’s death the Toronto outpouring was sparked out of the vineyard which was the catalyst to raise up many leaders today that are stewarding the Presence of God in a way we have not seen in years.

This is the hour of Hosea 14:4, for both Israel and America, and it will spread like wildfire throughout the nations of the world!

“I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely, for my anger is turned away from him.” Verse 7 goes on to say, “those who dwell under his shadow shall return, they shall be revived like grain and grow like a vine: the scent shall be as the wine of Lebanon.”

There has been a remnant dwelling in the secret place. They’ve been tested and tried to be facilitators of the greatest outpouring in the earth, and many of them are our youth. God is releasing a new wine revival and outpouring on the youth of America and Israel that will see young and old alike salivate for the Savior of the world!

The wine vine is here to stay! There is always a remnant that will not reject God! There is always a generation that gets rocked. We are in the one that’s about to get rocked the most in history!

Just look at the passion behind the people in the recent protests of our last election and that continue. God can get a hold of that passion, forgive their sins, and transfer it into the kingdom of light to do major damage on the kingdom of darkness. What’s going on the earth right now is greater than anything we have ever seen!

I love reading the stories of the old revivalists, past moves of God, but doesn’t it sometimes make you feel that we need something new and we need it now more than ever? God is about to usher in a jubilee as He remembers history and it is time to begin to expect something that will restore many in the church who have lost all hope. I’m telling you we need the Holy Spirit right now. He is the game changer! America is in the season of healing revival again. Miracle Harvest Glory is coming and the Lord says watch the month of August, as you will begin to see signs of this in the heavens and in the news as we approach the jubilee of the 6-day war in June!

This summer, God will release a sign over the nation of Israel and in the city of Jerusalem and it will be on the news. Everyone will be talking about it. This is the sign that this word is truly coming to pass. America will also be involved in a war ending years of oppression in a nation but it will be swift and not like the war in Vietnam that took years during the Jesus movement. This too will also be a sign in the coming years as we approach 2020 that the billion youth harvest that Bob Jones prophesied about is upon us and a sign years of oppression is breaking off of our generation in the USA.

Here we are 50 years later and we are crying out God do it again and He is! We’re about to see the greatest youth awakening that the world has ever seen! Amen!

Written by
Munday and Jennifer Martin
Contagious Love International

Update: An amazing season of a harvest of souls!

Dear partners and friends,

I wanted to give you a quick update on this amazing last year of 2016 and where we have been and are going as a ministry into new heights in the Glory of God!

Our nation is on the cusp of the greatest awakening in our history and we intend to pour our lives into it. In the beginning of 2016, the Lord specifically told me to direct and invest all of our time into America this year. It is now 2017 and He keeps telling me the same thing. As I asked him why, He began to tell me it was because there is a great awakening on the horizon the likes we have never seen in America and a great harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom, as part of the word Bob Jones spoke about the 1 billion youth that would be saved by the year 2020.

When I was obedient to this call, I was amazed to see what the Lord did.

You probably heard about spontaneous revivals happening in the US this year. One took place in Williamson West Virginia where the coal mine industry was hurt and many were crying out in a school for God and getting born again nighty by the hundreds. Another took place with Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Joshua Mills, and Jeff Jansen in San Diego that began in January and they are still in extended meetings.

Another that I’ve been a part of for an extended time is an outbreak of revival that has been going on in Seattle since February, and I will be going back soon.

We have seen large numbers of people saved and have been and will continue taking evangelism on the streets in these revivals and also various locations where the Lord is sending us this year and next.

The soul winning has been going absolutely amazing this year and we have seen so many people come to Christ and discipled right here in America.

Origin: At the end of February, my good friends Charlie and Brynn Shamp were in a conference at the Seattle Revival Center with Leif Heflin, Patricia King, Bobbly Conner and Pastor Darren Stott. Charlie ministered on the last Sunday night and stayed there for over a month as Heaven began to invade the church!

He and his family moved out there for a season earlier this year where new people kept showing up nightly. They saw doctor verified healings from cancer and so much more! In fact it caught such national attention that it was featured in the religious news as part of the Associated Press that there was an undeniable outbreak of revival happening in Seattle, which also was featured in Charisma magazine, and the main paper of Utah.

This is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. I went out many weekends and experienced something there I have not felt in years. The Glory of God was so tangible we witnessed the Holy Spirit healing people in the atmosphere including creative miracles such as God opening eyes, ears, growing limbs out, healing people supernaturally from years of intense handicaps and pains, giving people in the meetings new teeth, gold crowns, and even people watching via the live broadcast!

James Goll skyped into the service and highly encouraged that I come help Charlie as we are “brothers at the hip” and challenged me to go help make sure we take the revival to the streets which is what we did! I have known Charlie since 2000 and am so happy to see what God is doing with his family as they have lived in Europe the past 3 months spreading revival fire across the UK. When I went TO Seattle, many were miraculously healed of years of pains. Many received creative dental verified miracles in their teeth, many came forward to dedicate their lives to Jesus! Every Sunday night they were conducting water baptisms for those who wanted to commit their lives fresh to Jesus! The place was packed with people desperate for Jesus each night and still is, with many new voices coming in each weekend!

One Sunday morning, an unbeliever drove by the church and heard a voice tell him to go inside and he didn’t know why. He went in and ended up getting saved just after I was done giving my testimony.

I will be flying in and out as this continues next year. The revival fire I experienced there was brought back to Nashville and my wife and I have been traveling around the US this whole year seeing it multiply in regions we go to, seeing the same miracles and salvations break out!

I wanted all of you, our partners and friends to know about this, since we are in the midst of a GREAT AWAKENING IN OUR NATION RIGHT NOW.

We also currently are filming for two media documentaries where we will be filming people getting healed and saved on the streets, and they will also have featured guests such as Brian Head Welch of Korn who was on the movie Holy Ghost and many more apostolic and prophetic voices such as James Goll, Patricia King, Jeff Jansen, and many more!

The show has been powerful and we’ve already captured a lot of amazing miracles on film to show the world that Jesus is real.

If you would like to support this amazing move of the Spirit of God and media ventures, tax-deductible: Checks can be made to
Contagious Love International
PO Box 1868
Antioch, Tn 37011

or you can donate online on our site

Much of the proceeds will be donated to a ministry in Jerusalem that are helping the poor on a daily basis, as well as an AIDS clinic that we are partnering with in Mozambique.

God bless you and we continue to pray for you and hope you are so encouraged to hear about all God is doing in our land15320452_1243562342349569_1613575364_n!

Dr. Verified Lung Cancer Healing!!! Exciting miracle!

1915707_1026401577398981_6466362305595366531_nCancer free report! On January 27th 2016, this young man on the right came to Munday’s meeting in Western New York. He came to his meeting believing God would heal him of lung cancer! Munday prayed for him declaring that he will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. As Munday prayed, he asked him what he felt. He felt all the pain leave his lungs as the heat of the Holy Spirit was working inside them. Here is the letter from his Pastor! He is totally cancer free!!!! He went two days later to run tests with his doctor after the meeting.

“Hello Munday. This is Jeff. I’m the Pastor of those two you prayed for. I just wanted you to know that Tristan, the guy who came to your meeting with lung cancer, has been completely healed. He came back from the doctor completely cancer free. They ran a bunch of tests and can’t find one cancerous cell.

Broooo!!!!! Justina just told me that the doctor wants you to come pray for the other patients that he has!!! Glory! JESUS!!!!!!!”

The Doctor asked how he caused the cancer to leave and the young man said through prayer at a healing service. The Doctor replied that he wants Munday to come next time he is town and pray for his other cancer patients!

Oh somebody praise God! We are so humbled to share of God’s compassionate hand at work!

Man has metal dissolve out of his body from 30 year old car accident

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Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.33.03 PM

Munday prayed for this man this year who had been hit by a car in high school walking to school in the snow. The accident happened 30 years ago! The accident was so terrible that the doctor had to put metal bones in his legs and hips as the bones were too shattered to be usable!

As Munday prayed, the compassion of the Holy Spirit flowed and his leg that was shorter than the other grew out before everyone!

When the man stood up, he was shocked as 30 years of pain was gone! 30 years of pain that used to cause him to take meds because the pain was so bad! 30 years of pain that led him to addiction to pain meds, and later admitting to rehab. Before this service, the man had been clean of using meds.

No more pain! The man went to the doctor and the doctor x-rayed him to find to his amazement there was no more metal in his body, but a creative miracle by Jesus of new bones where the metal was!!!

This miracle is making Jesus famous in Kansas City where it happened and it is with joy we give God thanks for his contagious love!

Gold Crown and Bridge Miracle

Gold crown miracle! I think this will encourage you guys! Over the years we have seen the Holy Spirit do amazing creative miracles such as giving precious people miraculous dental miracles such as new teeth, gold crowns, new fillings, straightening teeth, and so much more. This is such a notable miracle as many people do not have dental insurance and this type of work can be costly. This man was in a meeting I was ministering in not too long ago. The Lord Jesus healed his back. He didn’t know it that night, but God also decided without anyone’s knowledge to give him a solid GOLD crown that was not there before. His wife just sent me this picture. They were completely blown away! I encourage all my friends out there who believe in Jesus to believe for the impossible! Be open for the wild and unexpected and unheard of! Sometimes you see the miracles right there before your eyes and sometimes the person goes home and realizes God did more then they were expecting! Oh how wonderful our God is! “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights!” Amazing! We give you glory Jesus! I love the #HolySpirit and I love the #gloryrealm #goldcrown #signsandwonders #creativemiracle #contagiousloveintl #mundaymartin #signandawonder


Amazing dental brige miracle! This testimony came in from a woman who recently left Islam and received Jesus as her Savior!
She was at a conference with Hermes Falcao Jr. and I. She has endured much persecution, so keep her family in prayer.
This miracle The Holy Spirit did for her is sure to bless you! Just imagine how much this would cost to fix?
For her protection her information has been concealed. ——– Original Message ——–
Name: Anonymous for protection
I wanted to let you know that you prayed for a dental work miracle for me in Richmond Va. I had a gap on my front bridge that needed work.. When I woke on Monday morning after the service, it was closed, and I don’t feel the hole any more!!! I must say that I was hesitant at first to get prayers for my teeth… but oh my God is so great…
You also prayed for my sons and their salvation , I will keep you posted .. God bless you and your ministry… Anonymous woman – Richmond Va 3-1-15 ‪#‎creativemiracle‬ ‪#‎miracle‬ ‪#‎signsandwonders‬ ‪#‎jesusheals‬ ‪#‎jesussaves‬ ‪#‎contagiousloveintl‬ ‪#‎mundaymartin‬

Amazing xray pictures and Dr. verified miracle inside!

Amazing Dr. verified miracle! Read the letter and look at the pictures: “Dear Munday. I was in your meeting in the UK enjoying your service on the Holy Spirit. You asked if anyone needed healing and Jesus spoke to me to go and be healed. 6 months earlier I developed a molecular hole in my eye which the doctors said was irreversible. My eyesight could only worsen. I never read the Bible. I believe I had a small understanding of God’s power but never thought I was worthy. I went forward and you prayed over me. My eye started to pop and crackle which shocked me. I had permanent shadows and could not see properly. When I opened my eyes, you asked if it was better and it was! My eye sight has returned with no shadows! I am reading now not needing glasses. I have some photos for proof of a miracle I would like to share. When i visited my GP she asked what had happened as we compared the photos from 4 weeks earlier. I said to her I have been healed through faith. She then said this is impossible to reverse. Praise Jesus! I just wanted to thank you and uplift this message to others and Jesus. My passion continues and I am able to read the Bible with understanding. My journey has begun with another beginning. God has set my path to spread the word and confirm His Holy name. Thank you Munday for not only for having Jesus in your life, but for using his gift through your heart.

The 1st picture at the bottom taken 01/02/14 shows the hole and the damage which caused me to have no depth perception and a shadow of blindness. I couldn’t focus or see properly when I looked straight ahead at objects. Ireversable and scored by colours in the eye socket- box on the right bottom. I couldn’t even use glasses to correct this. The 2nd picture taken 03/18/14 at the top shows a full recovery of the eye and I have full vision. No scores and no hole. This is what Jesus can do for people! This is what he has done for me through your healing hands. I still feel the purity of his love and have so much zeal. I don’t stop loving him. Praise Jesus and bless the work you are doing for him. I will pray for you and your family. There is a true blessing amongst you.”#mundaymartin #miracles10678506_772323802806761_797151141574790239_n

Amazing pictures of Miracles and testimonies on the road!


This year has simply amazed us how many people God is allowing us to see miraculously healed and born again!

To see some of the recent photos and miracles on the road, I encourage you to follow us on Instagram, or simply click the following provided link. You can follow us on Instagram with your ios devices or smart phones by downloading the free instagram app on your smart phone or tablet from the app store.

Click here now or cut and paste this link in your browser to see amazing photos and testimonies of the lame walking, miracles in the ears and eyes, and so much more! We would love to keep you posted through this powerful social media tool!

England Trip Report! Many miracles and salvations!

imageDear Partners,

Munday and his good friend Charlie Shamp just retuned from an amazing Mission trip to England. You would be excited to know that we lost count of how many people received Jesus Christ on this trip.

The churches were trained and activated to hit the streets and we left an amazing deposit there that has left many people on fire for a lifestyle of evangelism in their cities!

We saw countless of healings in the churches and on the streets! Many were so encouraged. Many people were brought into a relationship with Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit and are being planted in the Kingdom of God in churches there.

We had the opportunity to witness Jesus heal cripples, put new teeth in people’s mouths, correct spines, dissolve lumps, and tons more creative miracles! People who got saved on this trip we’re so filled with the awe of the Lord that they got full-blown on fire for God while we were there!

One example was 2 boys that were brought to our meeting that were pot smoking and very broken. The power of God hit them in the meeting and they both received Jesus as their Savior. People with crutches and canes were completely healed, and you could feel the awe of the Lord every where we went.

We are thrilled to announce our Mission Trip to the nation of France this year.

Munday will be ministering in France with his good friend Charlie Shamp, and is expecting many decisions for Christ, healings, and to see France ignited with the Glory of God. This will be Munday’s 9th trip to France!

Would you consider partnering? How would you like to help give into the gospel going into the nation of France?

Europe and needs the Lord! Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or any amount can help support the Martin Family and supply our ministry needs as we prepare for this awesome Mission Trip as well as the Aids clinic we support in Mozambique Africa alongside Heidi and Rolland Baker

Woman's ears completely healed by God! Rice Lake WI.

For years this faithful woman who is an apostle with her husband and has planted too many churches to count in the Philippines, suffered with Tennitus- a loud annoying ringing in the ears! I called out God is healing Tennitus here in Rice Lake Wi. imageand after years of suffering, she checked her ears and the constant ringing and buzzing in her ears for the first time was completely gone! Somebody praise God for his goodness! Many awesome healings tonight! Thanks Bob Pittman Your church is amazing! God also grew a woman’s leg out that was shorter than the other and fixed her posture! #jesusheals

Also a precious lady suffered a dislocated hip for years and limped! Chiropractors could do nothing for her! Last night, God put her hip back into place by the power of The Lord and all the pain is gone! I love the Lord’s compassionate gift of healing! Don’t you? #jesusheals

Also read this awesome testimony about how Jesus healed a woman of vertigo last night!! “Hi Munday, I wanted to write to you and share a praise report!! You prayed for me today at New Life Christian Church in Rice Lake. I was so excited sharing how I was feeling with everyone! The vertigo is gone!!! All praise to Jesus!!! Moments before you called out someone is experiencing a lot of dizziness, I prayed “Lord if I don’t receive a healing today it’s o.k., because I will love you forever no matter what!” Well, He said the same thing right back at me through you!!! Thank you for your obedience. I pray God Blesses you and your family in a very special way….especially those precious children of yours. In Christ, Joyce Kniess

And Guys! Jesus is amazing! The testimonies are pouring in! Read this! “Dear Mr Martin, during service this morning u prayed over me & the heart condition i was recently diagnosed with. I have not had one single heart palpitation since ive left there this morning. Praise God! I’ve had nonstop episodes of this, since the beginning of January. The doctors told me i would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. And that the only way to “cure” my heart condition, was to have open heart surgery. I can breathe clearly, the pressure in my chest is gone, there’s no pain in or around my heart anymore and i havent had one single episode at all! I can’t wait to share this with my doctors during my next checkup. God is good, God is real, and we can and will be healed. For the first time in months, I was able to pick up and hold my children again! Thank you Lord!! And thank you Mr Martin for coming and sharing your word and love with us. God bless you.” This has been indeed an outpouring of Jesus’ love here in Rice Lake Wi!

Friday night was also on fire in Minneapolis! God not only took away a man’s floaters in his eyes, but healed his eyesight! A girl has been told she needs surgery for major carpel tunnel nerve damage, but when I prayed for her the power of God touched her and her wrist popped in my hand and all her pain left! Mike Taylor You guys are awesome! Lots of wonderful healings tonight and Presence of Jesus ! #jesusheals

Munday commissioned as a new breed apostle by Jeff Jansen

Friends! Please celebrate with us as I was commissioned along side my wife Jennifer today by @jeffjansen as a new breed Apostle of Fire to the nations! This is truly an honor and we will have the video out soon! We feel it is a historic time for our ministry and a massive harvest time in the earth as increase is upon us and many young dread champions God is raising up! Thanks Lord! Love you @jeffjansen and @janjansen007


This month we celebrate 10 years of full time ministry!

This month, we honor The Lord, as Jennifer and I celebrate 10 Years of being in full time ministry for Jesus! Please rejoice with us as we praise God for countless of salvations and miracles in 28 nations of the world. We are so blessed to have the support and prayers of our friends and partners! We continue this year on a lifelong journey to spread the love and fame of Jesus Christ across America and the globe!

We cordially invite you to rejoice with us by clicking on our make a donation page and becoming a monthly partner. By becoming a monthly partner you get to share in the same benefits of what we are reaping across the world and seeing God do. We also give large proceeds of all of our support to help bless Iris ministries in Africa to help them support an AIDS clinic where many children with aids are getting food every day and medical support. By God’s power, many of them are being healed! Also, we would love for you to make a one time donation as we are going to be going on many mission trips this year. God bless you to all of our prayer and financial partners. We could not have done all of this without the help of God, and all of our amazing friends across the globe.image

Jesus heals a crippled man in Germany!

This man who walked in crippled on my recent trip to Germany with 2 walking sticks, interrupted my healing message, threw the walking sticks down and ran in the buildingimage shouting in Spanish, “God has healed me!” Now that is a good interruption! Can somebody shout to God right now for his goodness!

Lump dissolves off a woman's back!

This lady had a lump on her back completely dissolve off by the power of Jesus. Great service tonight at Church of the North Coast Cleveland! God did so many miracles! Knots vanished! Bone spurs gone! A lady had a supernatural weight loss miracle! A woman with a thyroid condition walked in weak and felt strength and her eye sight was restored to normal! Backs healed. A woman who had a spiral fracture in her foot on crutches had all the pain leave her foot and could stand on it with no pain! A woman received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the 1st time in her life! Many were baptized in the fire of God. Thanks @louiskayatin for having me! We released people into a lifestyle of harvesting souls. Can someone please give God some praise?image

Woman gets rid of her walking cane! The Power of Jesus healed her!

God completely healed this woman in Loraine Ohio at Church on the North Coast who could not walk without this cane for years from a horrible car accident! Her hip was healed tonight by the power of God. People were also rededicating their lives to Christ. Tonight she walked out free from pain! To God be the Glory! She gave me her cane! She said she no longer needs it! Can someone praise Jesus?


Israel report 2014. Thank you so much partners!

Greetings partners!

We just had a wonderful trip in Israel!

Here is a letter from the director of the community center in Jerusalem that received our gifts to the children.373

“Shalom Munday,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude for your generous contribution of shoes and sneakers for kids, scarfs, tooth paste and razor blades.

Your very kind and generous donation has greatly helped needy families in the Kiriat Yovel neighborhood and in particular touched the hearts of many kids and teens that came and received the shoes, sneakers and scarfs.


A story that touched us in the office was of two teens that came wearing torn shoes and as would be the way of the miraculous, we were able to find two pairs of shoes to fit each teenager, both the size and the color of their choice! Both these teens ran out of the community center filled with joy from the gift that came to them quite by surprise.


May you be blessed,

Iris Kaplan
Yuvalim/Senfled Community Center
Minhal Kehilati
Jerusalem, Israel


We want to take this time to thank all our partners for helping put many shoes on the feet of the poor of Israel. Thanks to a great friend as well who hand made all these wonderful scarfs! You know who you are : )

Thanks to my dear friend Richard Frieden who lives in Israel who we partnered with to make this awesome outreach possible. You are such a blessing Richard!

We want to invite you to give your best seed into this ministry as we have some awesome missions planned next year to Germany, England, France, Quebec, and Israel!

Please give your best end of the year tax deductible donation at the link below or you can use our address below.

Shalom and God bless you in Jesus name!

Contagious Love International
PO Box 1868
Antioch TN 37011

Miracles in Augusta

554283_438986169454111_1365496502_nMunday just got back from an amazing trip in Augusta Georgia where he had the opportunity to appear on Watchmen Television Broadcasting!.A powerful anointing was released in the filming for all who tuned in across the south east. We are praying a mighty harvest of souls came in as Munday delivered a powerful message and call to salvation on the airwaves!

Lots of wonderful healing occurred during his time there. A woman’s leg grew out that was shorter than the other in one meeting. Jesus miraculously fixed her posture! Amazing love manifested in Augusta Georgia and North Augusta, as well as Aiken South Carolina! Many healings were testified in the 5 meetings he did there.

In Aiken, a lady who could not walk or so much as stand up, with pain from a car wreck and having fallen down a flight of stairs got completely healed by the power of Jesus Christ! She was crying tears of joy. Can somebody give God a shout of praise? His loving kindness is everlasting!

Munday turns 36 this October 26th, so be sure to send in a love offering on the donation page to help him as he is about to leave for his 18th trip to Israel for a compassion trip!

God bless all our partners today in Jesus mighty name!