Our Summer Power Evangelism Extravaganza and Mission from the Lord

Dear partners, face book, and social media friends,

I wanted to write and present an exciting opportunity we currently have, one that has the potential to cast a huge net into the ripe harvest fields of our nation for souls!

To help read this message in entirety if you are on a smart device, simply flip sideways.

This Summer, I will be taking my family on the road to ten sates for a power evangelism extravaganza! In this effort, we will intentionally be developing programs that will help take saints in churches we are visiting all over America outside the four walls of the church.

Our intention is to help jumpstart church communities and regions into lifestyles of power and creative evangelism and a radical call to disciple.

This is a commemorative effort to honor the word of the Lord God gave us about a massive awakening coming this Summer as we approach the 50 year anniversary of the Jesus Movement and the celebration of the 6 day war which happened simultaneously causing Jews to seek and pray to God more as they regained possession of the Western Wall.

We believe both of these events caused a massive shift as many turned their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. Here we are 50 years later and God is about to do something even more revolutionary than 50 years ago in a new time and a new generation.

This is a big step of faith, but with your help, we can take my family on the road and see a massive movement shifting the church into radical obedience for the call to win souls.

Much of the proceeds that we raise from this effort will be directly donated to a ministry in Jerusalem that we regularly partner with the helps the poor in Israel, as well as to an AIDS clinic that we partner with in Mozambique Africa that is helping many poor souls receive food and medical relief that have contracted the virus, but are also getting miraculously healed by God’s power.

We are currently raising $7,500 and we would be so honored to have you be a part. Simply email me personally at munday@contagiousloveintl.com if you are interested in helping, or just go to the donation page on this site where you can give one time, and good news, you can also choose a monthly partner button option if you would like to take a step further into becoming a regular part of what we are doing.

We are believing the Lord for an increase in monthly partners this year.

You can also give tax deductible gifts to the following address:

Contagious Love International
PO Box 1868
Antioch, TN 37011

God richly bless you and thank you so much for your consideration, prayers, and kindness in helping us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Munday and Jennifer Martin