Prophetic Prayer Alert for Charleston South Carolina

The coming Hurricane Season of 2017 is something we need to be praying for. I have been having dreams that it will be rough and we need to desperately pray against what could be a very bad season and help shift history for the better. I feel burdened to pray for Florida, South Carolina, many of the Gulf States and more. I have had two dreams that have been laying heavy on my spirit for a city that I love dearly and have lived in when I was young. In the dreams, I saw floods of water brining havoc to infrastructure and the shores in the city of Charleston, South Carolina and along the coast of SC. I knew it was a hurricane and I was surveying the people after the aftermath making sure they were ok. Dear friends and intercessors, I want to ask you to pray into this with me and let’s decree together that God will protect the city of Charleston during this hurricane season and the ones to come. May winds of revival blow upon this city in need of cultural restitution instead of winds of destruction. We cover the people of South Carolina in the blood of Jesus and declare to you South Carolina that no weapon formed against you will prosper! Charleston you will be a city upon a hill for all to see. Lord we declare that a supernatural move of the Spirit of God and cultural renaissance is coming to the churches of Charleston that will bring people from all over the world to see what the Spirit of God is doing and that His hand is upon you for such a time as this! I declare Charleston South Carolina is a forerunner city just as revival had already been hitting it in 1857 prior to the the Great Awakening! Friends, let’s pray for Charleston and the protection of South Carolina from anything the enemy wants to do. You will be a city where a remnant will steward the Glory of God and help influence the salvation of America. Amen!

Munday Martin