Warning Dream sent to me by my father | January 17, 2021 | Rev. Rick Vincent
I saw parts of something being made. Pieces of metal, maybe magnets attached to boards, maybe for a trigger mechanism. There were a number of these laying out. I did not see any person just where someone had left them, apparently still in process of making them. I was outside when I saw them, looked like they were just laying on the grass. Marie (Jennifer’s mother) & I were talking, she said the bed was wet, I said, don’t know why, we will check later. Then, I picked up a football to throw but it slipped and didn’t go far. I picked it up and saw it had sand all over it. I brushed it off so I could throw it better but did not throw it.
Possible interpretation:
Place where there is a “wetbed” or wetlands and sand would be a coastal area like Florida or Louisiana. Places where football would be played. There are football playoffs, possibly conference championships to be played in these sandy coastal areas. New Orleans, La & Tampa, Fla. Also, the Super Bowl is in Tampa. So I have prayed and continue to pray if this dream points to a possible attempt of some kind to be “triggered” in one of these locations. Or…this could indicate other assault of some kind and these symbols, i.e., football and wetlands, to illustrate as I would be able to understand and apply. Just want you to be aware in case, hopefully prayers will prohibit.
-Rev. Rick Vincent, my father