A Deborah Judges and a Jael Strikes | January 12, 2021

God has chosen women to rise. A Deborah and a Jael. A Deborah shall judge and a Jael will act. A Jael is arising that will defeat the enemy while he sleeps. She holds a mallet and a tent peg in her hand. She works outside of the camp, and is set apart by God. She is full of wisdom and moves in ways unseen. God has given her the secrets of the enemy and truth will be disclosed. Yes, the deep and hidden things will be revealed and all will see and know that God has delivered the enemy into our hands.  Just as sin entered the camp through a woman, Eve, sin would exit the camp through a woman’s seed, Jesus Christ. And as God used Jael to strike the final blow with a hammer and a tent peg outside the camp, so He would use a hammer and a nail to issue the final blow to the enemy forever through His Son Jesus outside of the city of Jerusalem. We have the victory and no one shall receive the glory except God. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.
-Jennifer Martin