America’s New Voice of Liberty | Jennifer Martin | Jan 11, 2021

I was shown by the Holy Spirit that a new voice shall rise to bring liberty to the captives of this nation. This voice will create a new movement and open the eyes of those that have been blindly following the others. This voice shall be peaceful yet strong in opposition of the lies we have been subjected to and the lies arising now. Following this voice, I see a massive youth movement, especially young black voices, who will resist the party of which they have been faithful and they will arise together and create a new voice of liberty. It will not be to the left or to the right but it will be centered in truth and justice. It is coming forth in the days ahead and it will attempt to liberate the minds of long bound followers of the system. They will be as one, walk as one, talk as one, and move as one. They are one. With their deeply held beliefs in ancient truths they will peacefully march. Many will follow them because a new era has dawned. I only say this to bring great alertness, if we do not stand strong and lift our voices, and cry aloud, it may crumble and not come to fruition of what it was intended to do. We must pray that what should be, will be, and that it will form and walk in the way of righteousness.  The enemy will seek to use it for himself.  Other groups will seek to form also. This is a call to wake and pray like never before.  Pray for our young people to see clearly. The future of our nation depends on it.

-Jennifer Martin