Coronavirus and the Hidden Crown

Released March 7, 2020

Fear, fear, and more fear has gripped the heart of the world! But I have some really great news for you today. God has a hidden crown amongst the chaos for His Bride. I want to show you what is really going on in the spirit right now, and what Gods showed me about this virus scare.

Coronavirus is a counterattack to the true anointing being released in the world today. “Corona ” means crown, named for the shape of the virus, and named by hell itself. So the enemy has put a fake crown upon his own head and declared himself king in this season. He is exalting himself up against the Lord and His anointed and declaring, Coronavirus will be seen by every person and take over their thoughts and hearts. He is mocking God. It’s time we counteract the devil. We don’t bow to this “crowned” virus. Coronavirus is not king, Jesus is King!

Now read about what crown really means to God and you will see that something is releasing in the spirit in 2020 just as all of the prophets of God have spoken, including myself.

Crown, in Hebrew, is the word “atarah.” It means, to be encircled for attack or protection. So you see that the enemy has tried to crown the earth by encircling and attacking. So what is God doing? Because every time I see the enemy moving, I know it is to counterproduce what God is already doing in the spirit. The enemy wants to stop something from spreading so he spreads his own lies in the hearts and minds of the people by creating a fear epidemic. So what is the enemy fighting then? What is he so afraid of? Obviously we are on the verge and in the midst of a global contagion of awakened faith and a great harvest of souls is at hand!

Look at what Isaiah 62:3 says,

You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, And a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

You shall be encircled for protection! Not attack! The enemy is twisting the definition of crown and using the fear to feed it. Remember he can only twist he cannot create. He is twisting the truth of the name crown in the minds of the people. God wants us to know this attack is a lie and He is going to encircle His people against this attack and protect them. Do not fear!

Glory in this verse is the Hebrew word Tipharah, originates from the word “paar” which means, “beautiful, brave, comely, fair, glorious, honor, majesty.” God is releasing bravery in your heart, not fear. You will be an encircled brave people!

And you are in the hand of the Lord. Hand there is “yad,” the powerful enclosed hand of God. We are completely surrounded and encircled by God’s own hand of power. He will smite every enemy that comes against His beloved.

There is a deeper meaning to the word crown when you look at each individual meaning of the letters in Hebrew. I want to make this simple so I will tell you the summary. If you take each letter side by side it means this,

The eye encircles the highest person to see revelation.

Wow! This is the meaning of crown on another deeper layer. Your eye goes in a circle around Jesus, (the highest person), and as you walk around Him and look at Him you see revelation. He begins to reveal more and more of who He is and the truth of who you are in Him. You encircle Him and He encircles you at the same time. If you picture this in your mind, it becomes a dance with the Lord Jesus Himself. Looks alot like a wedding dance doesn’t it? The groom and the bride encircling each other as in a traditional Jewish wedding. And Jesus wants us to wear the crown of royalty as His Bride. So when we are crowned with glory, we are in an intimate relationship with Jesus, loving Him, looking at Him as we dance together in peace and safety. This is the definition of crown in Hebrew! I mean, wow!

Look at Jesus, and see who you truly are! You are a King! Because Jesus is King! And this place of intimacy is the secret to overcoming and overpowering the lies of the enemy. We aren’t encircled by a virus, we are encircled by Jesus, in His intimate loving hand.

You shall be a crown of glory, an encircled, protected, and brave people in the closed hand of your God.

Let’s continue looking at the rest of this verse. You shall be a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

Royal, melukah, something ruled, a kingdom realm, to be made king.

Diadem, tsaniph, means headwrap.

Hand, kaph, the flat of the hand, or open hand.

This literally means you will be made king and the reality of who you are will be wrapped around your mind as a headwrap and you will know the truth that you are crowned with glory. So here again, we are crowned with revelation of the truth of our kingdom authority with Christ. We truly are seated with Him in heavenly places.
And you will be in the open hand of God now. At first, we were in the closed hand of God because we needed protection from the enemy. And God wants us to know that we abide in that place always. When we really know that we are protected from all harm of the enemy, something happens in the spirit. A royal headwrap is placed upon us and God’s hand opens! But why? He wants to release us, so that we can GO into all the world and proclaim the good news that Jesus is King!

So you see that the enemy has tried to stop the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by counteracting the move of the Holy Spirit upon the Body of Christ in this season to move in the power of evangelism and preach in the marketplaces. Movements have been springing up across the world with fiery bold preachers in the streets and stores. God is moving on His people and He has awakened a sleeping giant. The enemy saw this and had to construct a plan to isolate every household. The days of the restitution of all things is upon us and that means the return of the early church model of preaching with boldness and seeing souls added to the church daily.

So there it is. The plan of the coronavirus is exposed. The enemy wants you to wear a crown of fear and stay shut up in your house, but Jesus has come to crown you with faith, and release you to go out. Now you decide what you do with this truth. Do you cower in fear or arise in faith?

You will be a crown of glory! In the hand of the Lord! You will be a royal diadem in the hand of your God! Now GO! Preach the good news! Signs, wonders, and miracles are going to explode just as the Lord said. This year is the beginning of a global harvest. And the devil can’t stop it!!!