Dream released Feb 19, 2018

I dreamed I was standing looking at the statue of liberty and pointing at her as she faced towards me. Then I proceeded to point as I moved right towards a land area full of tall buildings. I stopped and pointed at one very tall building and said, We need to watch the rocket building! As I said this I knew a large scale attack of some sort could happen at any moment. One that would reach where I was and beyond. When I woke from this dream, I researched the land area because I had no idea of the layout. And I found out that I actually saw the real area exactly. I was also unaware of any building called the rocket building to the right of the statue. I found out that the empire state building is also called the Ladee’s Rocket and it is to the right of the statue just like I saw! I believe this is a warning from God that we need to pray against all upcoming attacks. Agree with me saints! We say, the Empire State Building will not be touched and not one person harmed! In Jesus name!!!

In 2020, I just discovered the connection. One year after I had this dream, they lit up the building in pink on the anniversary of roe vs wade to celebrate the full term anti life bill that the governor signed that day grinning ear to ear. I knew in the dream I was to watch the rocket building without taking my eyes off of it, because something destructive was coming, but now I know what it was. The destruction of innocent life. And celebrated by lighting up the rocket in pink. What a disgrace to God and outright mockery! There could be something else coming if they don’t repent. Keep your eyes open.
Reverse this before it’s too late! God have mercy on us!

-Jennifer Martin