Heaven’s Decree for 2020 and the Next Decade: Another Civil Rights Movement

By Jennifer Martin 11/21/19

I had a dream. I saw the Body of Christ split into 3 sections. I was speaking to them all by walking back and forth a great distance. I was telling them that whenever the message of the secret place is preached I see the most miracles and healings. As I was speaking, I fell into a trance where the Lord took me into a vision. Now remember this is still in the dream. I’ve never fallen into a trance in a dream before, so I knew I was to really focus on what I saw.

I was shown a songbook and on the cover was the year 1955. Then another songbook took its place with the year 1959. And lastly, another songbook appeared, with the year 1965. I came out of the trance still dreaming and continued speaking to the church. I told them that before I gave the message on the secret place, we needed to wait for more people because they were flooding into the sections continually and I didn’t want them to miss out on what God would say and do. Sadly, quite a few of the people became restless and tired of waiting, even while I encouraged them to stay, and they left.

Suddenly, people wanted to give offerings and help support what was happening. There was an opportunity for people to give and no offering message was needed because the people were so happy to help in this move of God. After that, I was about to begin the message and I woke up.

Decoding this dream

The 3 sections of the church represent 3 sets of time or 3 waves of God, not past waves but present and future. The message of the secret place will be revived and we will hear it being preached and miracles and healings will follow. This is a decade of the heart being awakened to His great love. The 3 years I saw are very key points. I had to do some research as to figure out this riddle from God. He speaks in secret sometimes, because He wants us to figure it out. The Bible tells us,

“It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to seek it out.” Proverbs 25:2

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of.” Deuteronomy 29:29

So let’s look at these years I saw. The first was 1955. I discovered many things about the year 1955 that are significant because of the relationship to the other years I saw, 1959 and 1965. I knew that something revolutionary took place during these years. I thought about how I saw the years written on a songbook, so I researched the music of these years. I found out that the popularity of genres changed drastically beginning in 1955 with the rise of rock music, and it remained the most popular genre until 1959 when soul music topped the charts. And soul music stayed the most popular music through 1965. So God was pointing to this music revolution from rock to soul, which had not been popular at all until the year 1959, why?

What coincided in culture to cause such a drastic change in music popularity?

The Civil Rights Movement, from 1955-1965, was one of the key factors in the rise of soul music and it became the most popular genre of music in 1959. A revolution started in 1955 when Rosa Parks rightfully refused to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Peaceful protests began and fueled the civil rights movement, which caused a needed cultural shift in the United States. A revolution was necessary and it happened!

Alongside this political awakening to truth we see a direct affect on music. Soul music tops the charts during the civil rights movement. Music helped fuel the passion, and the passion for civil rights fueled the music. This was a result of awakened hearts that were once asleep. During the same time, God is moving in tents across America! The Voice of Healing was at its peak during these years! Miracles swept America and the nations!

What is God saying?

There was a necessary awakening from 1955-1965, and we are at another necessary awakening now. There will be 3 parts of this movement, as I saw 3 sections of people in the dream.

There will be an awakening of the heart with miracles and healings in the church just as in the days of the voice of healing in the 50s and 60s.

There will be an awakening of the heart in music being expressed through song and we will see rap music continue to rise in popularity.

There will be an awakening in our justice system and a civil rights movement for the unborn.

It will coincide with the pattern we saw from 1955-1965, a decade of awakening! So once again, God is releasing an awakening to hearts and culture for this next decade. We will see the church, music, and civil rights shift alongside each other as a result of this new awakening. It is already happening. It has begun now, and will continue through 2030.

We see President Trump bringing massive change and shift to our government and at the same time he became president, hip-hop/rap music was on the rise. It has now become the most popular genre of music in America, with pop right behind it. Did you know that? Something is happening right before our eyes. This genre, whether you like it or not, God is using to awaken the world. We will see it move hearts and cause a massive influx to the church.

I don’t write this in light of recent events with a popular artist being saved and creating gospel music, although I believe that is part of this wave. I write it because that is what this dream and vision is telling me. I knew nothing about these years in my mind. I could not have dreamed this from my imagination. This is why God uses riddles. So that we know for sure He has spoken.

Cindy Jacobs prophesied this in a dream I recently had back in September, “God is raising up His minstrels!” She spoke with authority and the power of God rushed through me. I released a word about it. They will rise from all over, known and unknown artists are being awakened.

Here’s the word from September 29:

“God is raising up His minstrels! They will be burning in the place of consuming fire, coming out of the cleft of the rock from the hidden places where they have met with God and have seen His glory. They will be fueled with resurrection power because of His great love and they will go forth to reap a great harvest in the earth. God is raising up the minstrels to pour out true worship to their King, drawing many to encounters with love itself, awakening a generation to the longing of God’s heart. They will speak truth, out of a pure heart, and walking in righteousness. And through their new song of the heart, many will see God. They will know the power of salvation, the truth of sonship, and the gift of righteousness. They will call forth repentance and weep before the people of God. They will be filled with awe and wonder. They will know the power of the name of Jesus and His Resurrection. They will see healings and miracles manifest as they worship. They will draw attention only to the Son. They are the dark horses of God. And their sound will not be silenced.”

I also had a dream, which the Elijah List released at the beginning of this year. It’s about the high praises of God that will be released as a result of the revelation that Jesus is King hitting the church.

Here is that word: High Praise

God is speaking loud and clear. We will see 3 waves over this next decade with the church, music, and government, bringing praise, truth, and justice. There will be an awakening of the heart with miracles, healings, and high praise in the church, an awakening of the heart in music being expressed through song, and an awakening in our justice system. We will look back after these next ten years and see a correlation of events that mirror the pattern of 1955, 1959, and 1965. Just as soul music rose quickly and we saw a civil rights movement, so will the rise of hip-hop/rap happening now coincide with a civil rights movement in the government bringing justice for all, including the unborn, all while a great outpouring of miracles and healings turns the church and world upside down for the glory of Jesus Christ. God has spoken and His Word never fails.

Jennifer Martin

Contagious Love International