Get ready for giants to fall.
Prophetic Dream September 15, 2018

In a dream, I was shown a secret room behind big beautiful wooden double doors in the White House and I saw a lady doing dark rituals. She was assigned to bring curses and control the spiritual atmosphere behind every leader and their decisions. I thought, why doesn’t anyone know this is here? I proceeded to open the doors and walk into the room without fear. I knew that she had been there hidden for quite a while working her stuff. There was evil paraphernalia all over the room where she had been feverishly concocting gross darkness. But she couldn’t keep hidden from me! I knew I had complete authority over the spirit realm in that room. I stood and just looked at her. I didn’t have to say anything. I stood. Because of my presence shifting the atmosphere, two men in suits walked in. I knew they were secret service men and they calmly walked up and took her by the arms and escorted her out of the room and out of the White House. It was so quick, I barely even had time to blink. I believe this dream is now coming to pass with the things that have come to the light. The people of God have prayed for justice for years and our prayers are heard! We are exposing the hidden darkness through the power of prayer by speaking in tongues. The Lord showed me this secret to tell us this would begin to be exposed and that we have the power and authority over every evil plot! Remember I stood. Having done all, stand. Do not fear my brothers and sisters! We are coming together in the spirit and by the power of God and we will see every giant fall! This nation will see revival! We will not relent in prayer! We will fight for liberty and justice for all! And after we’ve done all we will stand and watch the enemy be escorted out of our great nation!!! WHO WILL STAND WITH ME?!?!

-Awakener Jennifer Martin