Prophecy: We are about to go on a wild ride friends. I dreamed I was on a roller coaster that was designed like a caterpillar. It looked like a really long one and I was thrilled to go on it with my family. Then right after I was on another ride. This time I was in a white hummer and I drove at top speed through the most rough terrain of snow topped rocky hills. It was insane. There was no path at all. I drove it as if I was on skis with ski poles. I was laughing so hard because it was the most wild and fun ride I’d ever been on. I remember I didn’t quite know how to drive through this impossible landscape and I was learning as I went. The whole time in this dream I was elated with joy, shrieking and belly laughing as I kept making it through the impossible. I believe God is showing me something about this next part of the year. It feels like a long caterpillar ride right now and we are going fast and sometimes upside down, but it will turn into a beautiful butterfly at the end. Wait and see. And the fact that I was in a white hummer on white snow and I had never experienced anything like that before. It was a brand new moment for me. But the joy I felt was so free of worry. What I was having to do should have been terrifying to any logical person, but I had no fear. And the snow was beautiful to behold. God is cleansing this nation and it will be white as snow. When I woke from the dream, later in the day, it snowed on my property. This is a sign that this dream is from the Lord. Get ready friends. It’s going to look different, it’s going to feel different, it’s going to be brand new as we go on this impossible path. We are all about to walk into a land that we have never known before. Get ready for the most wild ride of our lives! And we are going to be so full of the joy of God the whole way! The ecstasies of God‘s redemption is at hand! 
-Jennifer Martin