I heard the words “major Shipang” last night as I went to sleep. It actually shocked me because I was just laying down when this name loudly spoke in my spirit. I had no idea what it could mean. I looked today and discovered that this is actually a food import company in Taiwan. And it is close to a northwest port. Not sure if this is why I heard it but I’m sure if there is a mystery here it will unfold. I heard this the day after Taiwan had restrictions lifted by the US which I was unaware of until today. Apparently China was not happy and have threatened to take action by flying planes over. I’m not sure if this is why God might be highlighting Taiwan. It could be for this or it could be pointing to something else. Could be something “major” close to that area. So I’m leaving it here to be interpreted later. Please understand that sometimes we only see in part. I’d rather put out a prayer alert and do something rather than nothing. So let’s pray for Taiwan for now. God will reveal. Blessings friends.
-Jennifer Martin

Update: Just discovered! Shipang is a city just north of the capital of Taiwan! Wow.