RUTH BADER GINBURG PASSES AWAY on Rosh Hashanah as Jesus revealed to me on 9/11 there was an urgency to pray for Ginsburg.

-Munday Martin

On September 11, just days ago, the Lord Jesus showed me the urgency to pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many of you may have seen the urgent word God gave me on Facebook on 9-11. Let’s really be praying for her family right now.

The fact that God showed me this urgency just days before her passing shows me that he is heartbroken for the sinner. It also shows me that yes, even someone as pro-choice as Ginsburg was, has a chance to repent before she dies.

I felt the Glory of God so strong as we heartachingly prayed for God to have mercy on her life this week. The most urgent thing the body of Christ can do is to not think we are spiritual by being political but that we offer compassion to her family.

I can tell you this. Even though God is a just judge he is not happy when someone has to be eternally separated from him for failure of their repentance. It breaks his heart to pieces knowing that someone will be lost forever.

The Lord Jesus sure knows and He was crying out for her soul. Below is the word I released on September 11.

I feel a great urgency to ask the church to pray . We need to pray against riots right now! I repeat. This is an alert, we need to pray against riots RIGHT NOW! Pray Pray Pray Church! The enemy wants to use this issue to further divide our land right now and we need to tell the devil to back off in Jesus Christ name.

We also need to get on our knees and ask the Father to overturn Roe V Wade. If Ginsburg was alive right now she would come back with furious repentance asking all of her followers to forgive her for her pro-choice, pro-gay marriage stance. We must pray as the window of our prayers for life being answered now opens. Abortion will be outlawed if the church takes this moment in history serious and prays.

Here is what I released just days before her passing:

God’s heart for Ginsburg
9/11/2020 By Munday Martin

I had a thought as I spoke with my wife Jennifer. What if Ginsburg has an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ? What if she repents for her long pro-choice stance and what if she votes LIFE for the unborn before her last days on the bench?

The moment I spoke those words out to my wife, the Glory of the Lord came upon me so strong that I could barely talk. I was so elated in the love of Father God that it was as if the Lord was asking me WILL YOU PRAY THAT FOR HER?

It was as if His heart was broken for her to repent. If she didn’t have time to vote life from the bench, then I hope at least she would vote in Heaven and repent for her stance on abortion.

Immediately, I got on my knees and my wife and I began to cry out to God for her to repent and for her salvation.

And this just reminds me all the more how merciful God is. He is far more merciful than many people in the church. He wants every Christian on earth not to be judgmental, for He desires mercy for the lost, for our enemies, even for those who we sorely disagree with. God is not willing that any man perish but that all comes to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you begin to cry to the Lord, “Lord, spare this woman’s soul,” and for Jesus to heal her from every single wound from her past and let her champion life before her life ends.

-Munday Martin