New York Shall Be Rebuilt | Jennifer Martin

Released March 4, 2017

I saw in a dream on March 4 (march forth), 2017, New York City being consumed by a massive storm like a hurricane. Not one was safe. The city would be laid in ruins, completely destroyed. The land had been emptied and washed clean.

As I watched this happening, I shouted a powerful decree from God, “It shall be REBUILT so that its FOUNDATION will be laid in RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!”

We are in this time of the massive storm now in New York City, but God has good news for us, it shall be rebuilt on the rock of Jesus Christ and His righteousness will go forth from this city into all the nation. A great awakening is upon us now.

In 2020, after three years, I am just now discovering the hidden meaning of this dream. After researching, I found out that the Constitution of the US was put into effect on March 4, 1789 and that date became the inauguration date  of the president until 1933 when it changed to January 20. It is a covenant signed with God that our nation would always belong to Him.

I saw this dream on March 4, 2017 about NYC because I believe God brought judgment against it as a sign that our nation had turned from the foundation that had been written down and signed that day March 4, 1789. We turned from our vow to God and we left Him. It’s a wake up call for me to have this dream on March 4. God revealed this to me as a sign of things to come. NYC would be hit by the biggest storm ever, and it did. When COVID-19 hit NYC it had the highest amount of cases and deaths of anywhere in the US. But the good news is, the people of God would awake and repent for this nation. God would hear our prayers and rebuild us on righteousness. In the dream, I heard that it would be rebuilt. This is not just for NYC, but our nation. NYC represents the root and foundation of America’s democracy. God has brought us back to our roots and He will rebuild the foundation of America on righteousness. This is happening now right before our eyes. This whole year is just the beginning of the greatest awakening we have ever seen. The righteous remnant is rising!

-Jennifer Martin