FATHER REVEALS A SECRET ABOUT THIS GREAT AWAKENING through a prophetic dream I had on 7/7/18

Father showed me in a dream that one of the songs that was birthed during the Father’s blessing is about to come back fresh. It will become a main worship song again across the world. Wherever the outpouring is, you will hear this song. It was a song specifically created during The Father’s Blessing. One of their main songs! I saw John and Carol Arnott in my dream and they were full of joy as this song was being played. I saw the lyrics rolling out before me on a page! But Father did not allow me to know which song it is in the dream. We will know it though when we see it rise again. Thank you Father for revisiting us with this wonderful treasure to your heart!!!

There is a rebirth of a sound coming! Things that were thought to be dead and gone are reappearing with a fresh anointing to break new chains that have bound the people. Yes, there is a rebirth of dead dreams, dead promises, and dead sounds. They are rising again!

We are seeing a fulfillment of this dream this past year in 2020 with the Let Us Worship movement.

-Jennifer Martin