Release The Kraken

On November 9, I dreamed an enemy was approaching the coast of the Hawaiian islands. They were in the waters and it looked as though we would not be able to stop them from entering the land. We arrived just in time swooping down from the air with our planes to stop the enemy. He sunk right before he made it to the coastline. We struck from the air and won. Right after this I was shown a ship. I watched as angry people were chaining the prophets to this ship and they lowered the ship into the water like a submarine so that they would die. It was very upsetting to watch. I’m sharing this for prayer only. Why would the nations of the east want to come invade our land? Why do they want to drown prophets? Is this the enemy getting rid of believers? Persecution of the church? Something took place that these nations didn’t like. I wonder what? The results? Think about it. I’m not completely sure why I dreamed this. Or what it might mean exactly. I pray it does not happen. Please call all intercessors now!

-Jennifer Martin

On November 16, 2020, I wrote:

Witchcraft in the prophetic is being judged! Remember I dreamed about a ship with prophets going down on November 9, 2020. I believe I saw the false prophets being judged, because days later this is all over the news, Release the Kraken! That is a sea creature in stories known to sink ships! Coincidence? I think not! God showed me that days before so we would know this is it. All fake lies are going down! Every single one of them. I saw an enemy trying to invade our land in the same dream and they did not win! It’s time! We will see victory! Release the Kraken!

-Jennifer Martin

Interesting side note: Kraken is a name of a data analyzing software. Sidney Powell, Trump’s lawyer said days after my dream that she is going to release the Kraken on the deception and lying within the 2020 Election. I believe God is exposing all corruption in the earth including the church.