Strategy To Divide | Jennifer Martin

June 25, 2020

As a Prophet of God, I am called to share His heart with you. I was taken into a big house where people were gathered to pray and worship. I saw them divide off into separate rooms and continue to seek God. I felt the power of division that had blinded them. They thought they were doing right and continued in their worship. I sensed the urgency to call them back together into one place. I knew they would be destroyed if they did not unify. We must not be divided! This is the strategy of the enemy! He is working overtime to divide families and the church. We must not let him win! Take a stand against division! Take a stand against the devil! Rise up in unity and pray as one body, with one mind, and one accord! We must stand strong as one! Hold hands, line up shoulder to shoulder, and step into the next great awakening together! Dark horses of God, ride!!!
-Jennifer Martin