The Four Milestones Of Prophets And Time | Jennifer Martin
August 10, 2019

I dreamed the following on 8-10, and Luke 8:10 says; “And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.”

I saw four gray stones placed in the ground. They were time milestones of great moments. They had inscriptions.

The first one stood alone and read “1000+”. I knew this represented a time and season that came before the stones that I saw next. To the right of it, I saw two more spaced very far apart from each other, one in front of the other with roughly a hundred feet between. The one closest to me read “Bob Jones” and the one far behind it read “James Goll”. I knew this meant Bob Jones was first and that the space between the two represented time. And to the right of these was the final and fourth stone. It read “________?”

Then I woke up as I looked at the last one, and in my spirit knew that a question was being asked to this generation, what would be written on that stone?

What will we, as this generation, do with the time given to us?

What will we do for those that have gone before us, who have laid the seeds in the ground for the future generations. I knew the 1000+ had to do with all those that have prophesied the things of God before this generation was ever born.

I knew that the time between Bob Jones and James Goll was an important time that we are in right now that will write the destiny on that fourth stone. This is the generation that will birth many prophets, and now there is an increase on the calling of the prophet.

I knew all of this as a keen awareness in the dream while staring at these stones. We are part of the fruit of what was prophesied by the Kansas City prophets (Bob Jones, Paul Cain, John Paul Jackson, and James Goll). We will see the fulfillment of all that God has showed them.

James Goll is a catalyst in this movement to bring forth the sons and daughters of God, the prophets of God, that will birth the greatest harvest. These are the years that we are sowing the greatest seeds for the greatest harvest.

James is a prophetic symbol of God‘s promises coming forth in this generation. As he goes, so goes this generation. We must honor him, and all that he carries, with all of our hearts. It’s time to become a voice, say yes to God and rise in this hour, proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ to every living creature! Let’s ride this wave together! We are the dark horse prophets!

-Jennifer Martin