-Munday Martin

I was in the spirit of the Lord and he showed me a stark vision. In the vision, I saw an artificially intelligent robot with bionic features surrounded by blackness. I believe it was a symbol of a new science and technology man wanted to introduce to humans but it malfunctioned. It was very strange to behold. Then I saw Jesus in a room full of files and he was pulling out top secret information in Manila folders. I knew he was about to expose something to us. I then saw an Oscar and knew somehow Hollywood was linked to this AI being. I sensed Hollywood has conditioned and deceived many in movies to prepare people to accept it. They will say this is a conspiracy! But it will happen right before you! Immediately, I heard the Lord say warn the people! So I am warning you in advance. Do not receive artificial intelligence into your bodies! I know even from my studies that there is technology being tested to introduce into people’s bodies for gene manipulation and DNA manipulation. I feel strongly people will think they have the cutting edge on healthcare but if they accept it they will become corrupt. I was immediately reminded of how Satan tried to create a hybrid race in the days of Noah. So, as in the days of Noah, he shall seek to do it again before the return of Christ and corrupt human beings DNA makeup. They will no longer be human and thus will not be redeemable. I really believe this is connected to the mark of the beast to come. Once you take that mark you can’t be saved and I believe it is linked to technology manipulating human DNA creating a corrupted race of evil. Jesus help us have eyes to see and ears to hear in the coming days!