The Sound Of The Rose | Jennifer Martin

Prophetic Word given on March 27, 2020

I heard the Lord say, “I am coming in my fury. I am coming quickly. Behold, earth, my goodness and my severity in this time. The swiftness of my hand is upon the nations. I will call and they will answer Me. I will sound the alarm and they will hear my voice. From the rooftops it will be proclaimed the good news of my Son’s return. Heed, O barren land of my heart, heed my word now and come quickly at my call. Let Me shelter you from the storm. The attempts to stop my justice have been silenced and the enemy shall be silenced in the earth. The Rose of Sharon has bloomed in the desert and His time of reaping has come. You will smell the sweetness of victory and freedom again. Arise out of the dust, fair Rose, arise out of the earth and give her beauty. Let the fragrance of Your voice be upon every living creature. And they will bow, and they will come to this fragrant Rose. The Sound of The Rose has come. He is coming quickly, and His reward is with Him. For all those that believe in Him, and endure to the end, the same shall be saved.”

As I heard the Lord just now speak this to me, I wondered why the emphasis on the Rose. I remembered when my friend, Charlie Shamp, heard from God about Pete Rose being honored and receiving induction into the Hall of Fame. So I wondered if this day had any significance. I researched right after hearing this word and discovered that the allegations first gained steam when Sports Illustrated exposed Pete Rose’s gambling on March 27, 1989. I did not know this information when I heard the Lord say this word. I believe this is confirmation that we will see justice for Pete Rose very soon, and most importantly that we will see justice by The Rose Himself on earth.