The Two Dragons And Revival In America | Jennifer Martin | April 3, 2020

I was taken to a high mountain and looked over the top to the other side where I saw a dragon-like being along with a smaller one. The smaller was being trained by the larger dragon. They were celebrating their destructive plan, believing they had won. They thought they were hidden from all, but their location was revealed. I knew they would be exposed. Then, they realized I had found them and knew their time was up. Their secret plan had been discovered. Then, I was taken above the United States. I watched as the entire nation became covered in red starting at the Northeast corner. There is power in the blood and it covers a multitude of sin. The big dragon was raising and training the smaller dragon. This means there is another smaller attack similar to the larger attack at some point in the future, but it will be revealed and defeated. They are celebrating the destruction that has swept across the land, but their time is short. God has heard our cries, and He is washing this nation in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Speak, precious Blood of Christ, speak.

– Awakener Jennifer Martin