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    The 4th Wave of the Dark Horses | Jennifer Martin | Jan 1, 2019

    Wave of the Dark Horses

    The 4th Wave of the Dark Horses | Jennifer Martin


    Throughout history there has always been prophecies. It’s easy to know what the prophecies are, and what they say will be, but it’s much harder to discern when they are at hand or when they are actually being fulfilled. This is why so many miss their day of visitation. God has spoken to them, but they always look to the future for it to come to pass. It’s always someday. And even when the fulfillment of time has come, they still do not recognize the season they are in, so that they can run with the vision that has been written. Habakkuk 2:2 says, “Write the vision, and make it plain, that he may run that reads it.”


    I believe we are at this place in the spirit right now, in the time of prophetic fulfillment. The wait is over. The wave is here.


    I had a very significant dream on January 1, 2019. I had asked God that day to speak to me in a dream about what is happening in the earth right now. The following is what He showed me.


    I was in the middle of the ocean holding onto an inner tube with my right arm. There were 3 waves surrounding me, but not as you would think. They were on all sides of me in the form of a triangle. They were encircling me and causing a whirlpool. I knew I was about to go on a crazy spin.

    Just then I noticed my son, Samuel, to the left. He was unaware of what he was in the middle of. I knew I had to rescue him. I reached out with my left hand and pulled him toward the float. Immediately we were spun into the whirlpool at a high speed. Somehow we held on.

    Then, the 3 waves, with the whirlpool still spinning, seemed to move past us towards the coast. We were safe in still waters, but not for long.

    I looked to my left and saw the biggest tsunami wave I’d ever seen.  Now I’ve dreamed of these waves before, but not like this one. I knew it would overtake us and we had to get ashore.

    Suddenly, I was transported to the beach. Standing alone, I watched as the wave continued toward shore. I was not afraid. Something incredible began to unfold, as I watched this wave crest. It came rushing towards the coast as a massive herd of black horses. They were majestic and moved like water onto the land. Then they dissipated.  I thought to myself, “Oh, they aren’t real.” Saddened, I realized, it was just a wave.

    Just then, I was transported farther inland. I looked and, as if a door opened out of the dry ground, saw black horses emerge. I’m now thinking, “They were real!” They formed out of the dust and rose to run. It was dark all around. They came out of the shadows, but into the light, where I could see them. They charged across the land. All, except one. It turned towards me and made a beeline right for me. I wondered why. It came up and stood in front of me and I began to soothe and calm it by gently petting its forehead.

    While I was petting it, it changed into a cow. I noticed it had an open sore on its face where it had gotten hurt escaping through a fence. I knew it was about to give birth any moment. My son, Samuel, recognized that it needed help and ran behind to deliver the baby calf.  I awoke before I could see the birthing.


    So, let’s break this dream down.


    The ocean represents the nations. The 3 waves represent the 3 waves of outpouring in America’s history. Samuel represents the Prophet. I represent worship and intercession. The circular tube represents covenant and cycles.  My right arm represents salvation and my left arm rescues the Prophet of God, who didn’t “see” the wave coming.


    We were caught up in the 3 waves of outpouring. The first wave was the Pentecostal revival of the Holy Spirit in the early 1900s. The second wave was the revival across denominations bringing the Word of Faith movement and many more. The third wave started with John Wimber and the Vineyard that brought new sounds and a revolution to the worship scene, birthing the Jesus movement and many others.


    So, Samuel (the prophet) and I (worship and intercession) are representing the prophetic worship and prayer movement that has been caught up in asking for these waves of God to come again.


    So we, as people of God have been so caught up in these waves, in the whirlpool of these waves, even prophesying another wave is coming like these, that we miss the new wave God is sending. And I don’t want to miss it. Do you? Don’t get me wrong. I honor every wave of God and study it, because I’m hungry for however He wants to move. And we love to say, “Do it again God.” But God has another wave coming that we didn’t expect. Many don’t see it coming. It’s the Wave of the Dark Horses. And it’s the 4th wave. It’s a convergence of the 3 waves, but with an entirely different flow. The definition of a “dark horse” is “a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence.” You’ve probably heard this phrase used to refer to someone unexpectedly winning a competition or race. And believe me, there are some dark horses emerging.


    These dark horses are many.  We won’t see them coming. They are hidden in the earth. They will come out of the nations and crash ashore. Some will rise out of the dust, out of the dry spiritual nations, where there is no water. People will say, “How could one rise out of that nation?” Like they said about Jesus coming out of Nazareth.  


    Others will rise out of their dry spiritual lands, where they have been thirsty for God. They will awaken and rise to their rightful place as a son or daughter of God.


    These will preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, and raise the dead. They will give living waters to the dying. They are the dark horses of God. They will move as the 3 waves in one; moved on by the Holy Spirit (1st wave), full of the Word of God (2nd wave), and true worshippers (3rd wave) bringing a fresh full sound wherever they go. They will release the truth of the Kingdom of God and His majesty to the nations. They will run and not walk. They will bring the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ, and reap a great harvest of souls.


    And what they bring forth will cause wealth and blessing to spring up among the nations of the earth.  The dark horse turned into a cow, which represents wealth, a “cash cow.” The cash cow was fenced in, but it broke loose. It was wounded as it tried to break free. This will be the case for these dark horses. They will break free of the places they were bound. They will fight the system and be rejected, wounded by religion. They will come out of great darkness breaking the power of sin. They may bear these wounds, but their heart will be pure. I’m telling you this is all about to break loose starting this year. But this cow, the dark horse that became the promise of wealth and blessing, needs help birthing the promise. And the intercessors and prophets of God, who didn’t “see” them coming, will awaken to discern the times. They will assist in the birthing by watching over this word, with the Lord, to see it manifest through prayer.


    God spoke to me that this dream is majorly connected to Israel and America, but this word is for all nations as well. There is a promise for Israel coming forth.


    Isaiah 60:5 tells Israel, “Then you shall see and become radiant,
    And your heart shall swell with joy;
    Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you,
    The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.


    Pray for Israel. Rejoice with her. Prophetic fulfillment is at hand. We need to recognize the season we are in. It’s here. I mean, it’s really here.


    Interesting fact: America leads the world in horse population at 10 million plus, with the 2nd highest nation having only 6 million. Could this be confirmation of the dream being a promise to America, and all nations, as well as Israel? I believe so. Get ready. Jesus is coming soon. The 4th wave of the Dark Horses is here.


    Jennifer Martin