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    “ What if you could be part of a global evangelism movement in the body of Christ that involves YOU sharing the gospel with at least one lost person in your community? What if missions is right in your own neighborhood? Ready to take the challenge?

    Well now is your chance!

    Is it hard for you to talk to people about Jesus? Do you believe what society tells you about yourself that you’re either an introvert or an extrovert?

    What if you are really an extrovert for Christ?

    What if you broke down all the walls and barriers of fear and relentlessly pursued the lost and found that you are actually bold as a lion? What if you can bring people to Heaven with you by sharing the gospel of Jesus?

    Can you imagine the reward of Jesus saying to you on that glorious day that you meet him, “Well done good and faithful servant?” Gives you chills right? Well you can get it!

    Do you dream of building rewards that Jesus can give you that will last forever in heaven?

    Then join us!

    We need your help in one the following three ways

    1), email us for resources of how to build your own church.

    2). give financial support here as we equip the church and disciple the lost and broken.


    3). Commit your life to becoming a Jesus Streets warrior and share the gospel for the rest of your life. We highly recommend you to subscribe to Mission Frontiers Magazine online and learn how to find the man of peace in your community, win them to Jesus and use their home to reach their friends and family with Discovery Bible Studies to make them disciple of Jesus Christ.

    Believe us, if you just go for one a day, you’ll become so addicted to it that you want to find more and more people to share Jesus with.

    God has directed us for such a time as this for the harvest of souls in the nations and more importantly, our nation.

    We are seeing a record-breaking number of people coming to Jesus since we have been in ministry since this started. We are seeking to plant them in ministries where they can be discipled and flourish as we are believing for the churches to grow in the community.

    In addition, as we travel often, God has directed us to partner with this vision everywhere we go and minister in other churches.

    That includes taking teams on the streets or digital outreach through social media and conducting power evangelism with creativity to “different groups” such as new agers, people of other faiths, and the often neglected backsliders of the Bible Belt..

    We are going to those in desperate need of Jesus

    Would you like to help?

    We are currently asking for resources to give out, including Bibles, practical supplies, and Christian literature. We want to ask you to pray about supporting us, as some variable income will be needed to complete the missions we have from the Lord every single day.

    This is great soil and a great time to give into the Kingdom.

    You can click on our donations link or send support to:

    Contagious Love International

    PO Box 1868

    Antioch TN 37011

    Thank you so much for your support and may God bless you!

    Jennifer Martin

    Director of Contagious Love International