Jennifer and I want to write you and let you know exciting ventures going on in Evangelism. God has directed us for such a time as this for the harvest of souls in the nations and more importantly, our nation.

In 2018 and 2019, we saw a record-breaking number of people coming to Jesus since we have been in ministry and saw them planted in ministries where they can be discipled and flourish as the church is growing in the communities God has directed us to partner with.

That includes taking teams on the streets and conducting power evangelism with creativity to a new age community who are in desperate need of Jesus, and the lost and broken in rehabs.

We have been honored to serve a church with growth occurring where we are seeing these amazing events unfold. We currently partner with them in Huntsville Al where revival is pouring out the second Friday of each month where there has been powerful meetings at 2550 Redstone Rd. SW., Huntsville, AL 7 PM and will continue for the rest of 2019 which we invite you all to come.

We are committed to partner with this venture and we are about to take my family on the road to conduct our power evangelism tour in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Augusta Georgia, and many more places.

We also want to send great support to the AIDS clinic that we are partnering with in Mozambique as well our friends we partner with in Israel that are aiding the poor and spreading the gospel.

We are currently raising $3,500 for this venture and wanted to ask you to pray about supporting us as some variable income which will be needed to complete the mission.

Great soil and a great time to give into the Kingdom.

You can click on our donations link or send support to:

Contagious Love International
PO Box Antioch TN 37011

Thank you so much for your support partners and may God bless you this 2019!

Munday and Jennifer Martin
Directors of Contagious Love International

Contagious Love International, PO Box 1868, Antioch, TN 37011