La Vergne TN

    Rhythms of Living Water


    “Sit down, grab some coffee, and come alongside an inspired beatnik and troubadour of our generation named Munday Martin. Go on a journey through his poetry decades in the making from his adolescence to the present. His gift of emotional freewriting will take you on a great escape. Perhaps that escape will be like a rocket experiment sent into space to save the human race. What’s the rocket in this case? Jesus is! Is this a space novel? No, it’s even better! It’s space poetry! Everyone has a space. Fit some poems into your space and watch your soul be inspired all the way to the 22nd-century baby! Ya dig?”


    Munday Martin is a cutting-edge recording artist, songwriter, poet, painter, acrobat, worship leader, and preacher. He is a solid believer that radical and creative expression of originality through the arts can ultimately glorify Jesus and cause a harvest sound in the earth to bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Both Munday and his wife Jennifer Martin are book authors who preach and teach God’s uncompromised word. Munday was radically saved in 1999 shortly after encountering a dream from the Lord where he saw a glimpse of both Heaven and Hell in the middle of the night while lost in college. After this incredible encounter, Munday gave his life to Jesus and was called into an impacting global ministry to the nations with a ravishing love for His Savior. He currently resides in the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and two children and is committed to making obedient disciples of Jesus Christ.