PROPHECY-TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED | Munday Martin -October 30, 2020

The word of the Lord came to me today that President Trump is going to be re-elected and serve another four years as POTUS. In a dream I had in 2016, I saw President elect Donald Trump. I noticed as I looked at him that he had black hair. It looked like President Trump but all of the sudden he turned into President Ronald Reagan. I knew that Trump’s Presidency would be very similar to Ronald Reagan in 2016 and that he would serve two terms. The Lord says He will serve two terms. The two Presidents entered the world of politics from the world of entertainment. What is amazingly comparable between Reagan and Trump is how they both did tax cuts that helped lower unemployment and how they both increased military spending. Also both of them were very pro-life and very pro-Israel. One word of caution and prayer. Reagan in his term had an assassination attempt on his life. The Lord needs us to pray for supernatural protection in Trump’s second term over his life. It will fail if we the church will pray and cover him. He will go down in history as one the best Presidents of our time like Reagan. Reagan also took a strong stand against communist Russia and our President is taking a strong stance against Communist China. I also saw a vision today of his family tree. God will raise up other Trumps in politics for His purposes in the future years to come. Get used to the Trump name because it will be around for a very long time. It’s also very possible we will retain control of the senate as in Reagan’s second term but we could see a repeat of 1984 where the house lost democratic seats but Democrats retained control of the house. I believe if we pray we can see this reverse and see the house taken by the Republicans as well. BUT KNOW THIS…THE LORD SAYS TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED. BUT PRAY! VOTE!

-Munday Martin

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